Paradygm Consulting Solutions

  1. GAP Analysis

  2. Documentation Development (Quality Manual, Procedures, Work Instructions, etc.)

  3. Implementation of Standard requirements within the organization


  5. on-site employee training

  6. Pre-Audit of the Quality Management System

  7. facilitate management review & 




ISO 9001 Consulting

How do you stay ahead of the competition? Make your company more profitable and assure customers that you can exceed their quality assurance standards.

PARADYGM CONSULTING can help you achieve ISO 9001 certification

  • Benefit from a series of standards that is the worldwide reference for quality management
  • Increase profitability through quality assurance at all levels of your business operations

ISO 9001 certification will help you:

  • enhance customer satisfaction
  • increase savings and productivity
  • create greater demand for products and services
  • sharpen your competitive edge
  • reduce errors and costly penalties
  • make wiser decisions and increase employee motivation

What we will do

Guide you through each stage of certification by helping you:

  • Perform GAP Analysis
  • analyze processes, performance and effectiveness
  • measure and enhance customer satisfaction
  • deliver effective communications
  • set quality control and best practices
  • apply continuous performance improvement
  • create employee discipline and motivation

The ISO 9001 series of standards, which remains the worldwide reference for quality management for your business and your customers, has been revised.  Making the transition to ISO 9001:2015 is mandatory if you want to maintain your certification. So how do you get through the process without disrupting your daily business?

we can help you make the transition to ISO 9001:2015

  • Get the expert guidance you need to understand, plan and implement the key changes and take full advantage of the revised ISO 9001.
  • Determine the best timeline with key milestones to ensure that you meet the 3‑year deadline to comply with the revised standard.

What we will do

Provide coaching and technical services that includes the following:

1. Preparation and training

  • Conduct a gap assessment including risk and opportunities for improvement
  • Identify the need for additional documentation
  • Prepare an action plan that includes tasks, assignments and schedules
  • Train ISO team members on the ISO 9001:2015 standard
  • Evaluate key performance indicators to update or modify current quality objectives

2. Implementation support

  • Implement the revised standard, including measuring and monitoring objectives to ensure targets are achieved
  • Prepare and validate documented information
  • Train internal auditors and assist in the internal quality audit process


Are you doing everything you can to minimize the harmful effects on the environment caused by your business? Meet legal and other requirements, as well as satisfy your employees, customers, suppliers and partners.

WE can help you achieve ISO 14001 certification

  • Benefit from a series of standards that is the worldwide reference for responsible environmental management
  • Reduce risk and liability while increasing efficiency and customer confidence

ISO 14001 certification will help you:

  • run value-added operations
  • generate greater demand for products and services and increased trade acceptance
  • be more competitive
  • reduce accidents, errors and penalties
  • increase employee satisfaction
  • create a cleaner, safer environment
  • create working conditions based on discipline and reliability

What we will do

Guide you through each stage of certification by helping you:

  • diagnose and analyze environmental impacts
  • identify applicable legal and other requirements
  • develop an emergency response program
  • establish an environmental policy with measurable goals and objectives
  • implement and maintain responsible environmental management through ongoing programs and audits


One of the key to successful implementation of any ISO Based Standard is to perform the "Gap Analysis" prior to the development of the QMS.  The purpose of the Gap Analysis is to review the organization's current processes in place against the ISO Standard.

Rather than re-inventing the wheel, Paradygm Consultants will leverage the organization's existing processes and develop new processes which meet the requirements of the ISO Standard.  This methodology minimizes the use of company resources and creates better processes for compliance.


Our approach to documentation development is to keep it Lean.  We employ 100% Paperless Documentation Development using Process Flow Diagrams and electronic documentation where possible to meet ISO Standard requirements.